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This is a work in progress of a female Nathan Drake. Not sure if I'm going to take her beyond this point though. Sculpted in ZBrush.

Teyon alexander natalie wires

Wire shot.

Teyon alexander messing around2

Rendered her with a scene I threw together in MegaScans.

Teyon alexander natalie2
Teyon alexander natalie001

Updated her hair and lashes. Still need to make eyebrows for her. Total triangle count: 75,812

Teyon alexander dirty girl6

Boots added, eyes textured and hair roughly placed. Now to figure out if I need more hair and how best to texture the ones I've got.

Teyon alexander dirty girl5

Holster and forearm added. Still need to work on her boots, eyes and hair.

Teyon alexander dirty girl5

Started texturing her skin.

Teyon alexander dirty girl4

Shirt textured.

Teyon alexander dirty girl

Started texturing the clothing.

Teyon alexander natalie wip

The sculpt inside of ZBrush